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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I will teach you how to eat fruits !

Eating Fruits: We all think that eating fruits means fetching them, cutting and popping up in to the mouth. This is not the scientific way of eating the fruits. Much more benefits can be derived if you understand and learn how to eat fruits.

Eat Fruits when stomach is empty: Fruits should be taken in an empty stomach. It should never be taken as a desert. If you eat fruits after heavy food it will cause fermentation and gas, leading to indigestion & complications. Always take them in empty stomach, it will also help in detoxifying and energizing your system.

How does it turn acidic? : What will happen if you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit? As the fruit portion digests quite faster, it will be ready to go to the intestine from the stomach much earlier. But the undigested bread portion will block its way. Moreover, the digested fruit portion will start mixing with the undigested bread portion. This ferments the food and makes it acidic. The entire mass of food becomes spoilt. This will lead to gas, bloating and stuffy feeling.

Good Effects: So it is obvious that fruits should be given way of other foods so that when it digest fast it can go straight into the intestine. This will also facilitate a smooth passage of motion, and control constipation.


  1. When going through chemotherapy doctors advised me to take in lots of fruits to fight its adverse effect... You are right..

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